Baskati White/ Creamy Sella Rice

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Grainville’s Baskati White/Creamy Sella Rice from West Bengal, known for its delightful texture and aroma, is a must-try for Indian cuisine lovers.

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Grainville’s Baskati White/Creamy Sella Rice sourced from West Bengal is a truly remarkable variety. Known for its fluffy texture and inviting aroma, this rice is perfect for a wide range of Indian dishes. From aromatic biryanis to comforting rice pudding, our Baskati White/Creamy Sella Rice adds a unique touch to your culinary repertoire. Try our Baskati White/Creamy Sella Rice and experience the exquisite flavors of West Bengal’s culinary tradition.

  • John Peterson

    We’ve been importing rice for the past two years and the quality has been consistent throughout. Their efficient service and adherence to delivery schedules make them our preferred supplier. Truly reliable!” – John Peterson, Procurement Manager, USA

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