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Introduction to Private Label Services

Trust. Innovation. Quality. These are the pillars of Grainville’s Private Label Services. Like the many grocery chains and multinational retailers that have partnered with us, you too can rely on our expertise to design, develop, and distribute your personal brand of quality rice products. We offer solutions tailored to your unique specifications, ensuring your brand stands out in the global market.

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Trust. Innovation. Quality

Our Expertise

The world of rice is as diverse as it is abundant. That’s why we, at Grainville, ensure to source the finest quality from the top suppliers worldwide. Our team of dedicated professionals take care of milling, cleaning, polishing, and sorting the rice to meet your exact standards. We don’t stop there. We create fresh, eye-catching packaging solutions, design a distinctive brand image, and work alongside your team to develop products that are in line with your brand’s vision. All this, delivered on time and within your budget. Because we believe in efficiency, just as much as we believe in quality.

We Add Value

In our pursuit of excellence, we go beyond being a provider of Private Label Services. We add value at every step. Connected to a network of top rice growers worldwide, we bring you the best, always. Our eye is always on the horizon, anticipating new trends and the future of the rice industry. Despite our global reach, we never lose sight of your unique needs, giving every client the attention they deserve. Quality and pride – that’s what you can expect when you partner with Grainville.

Benefits of Private Label Services

Partnering with Grainville for your Private Label Services means opening doors to unlimited benefits. From handpicking the right rice variety for Product Development, creating a Customized Packaging Design that reflects your brand, maintaining an Unwavering Quality Assurance for every grain, to managing Seasonal Demand – we ensure that your product is ready for success.

Segments of Private Label Services

Product Development

Our team of experts collaborate with you to develop a rice product that aligns with your brand’s unique needs and customer preferences.

Packaging Design

Enhance your brand’s appeal with customized packaging solutions that resonate with your identity. From eco-friendly bags to vibrant prints

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Regardless of the size of your order, each batch of rice bearing your brand name goes through stringent quality checks

Demand Management

We understand the complexities of managing seasonal demand in the rice market. Our private label services ensure your brand delivers consistently,


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