About Us

Corporate Profile

Grainville India Pvt. Ltd. , is privately owned and has a history of excellence. We are India's pre-eminent supplier of value-added rice products world-wide.

Rice Professionals

• At Grainville, we know rice. That's why customers return to our rice professionals again and again for products and services they count on for the success of their business.
• Grainville sources, processes, packages, re-packages, develops and delivers the best quality rice to their customers.

One Stop

• From start to finish, Grainville has the resources to manage and service all of your rice needs, adding value every step of the way.
• Our longstanding relationships with world suppliers give us the edge in sourcing the very best rice for your requirements.
• We operate our own state-of-the art rice with comprehensive colour, cleaning and sorting facilities.
• Ongoing research & development drives innovative product lines that keep you at the forefront of changing market trends.
• Our team provides the creative packaging solutions you and your customers are looking for.
• Our logistics experts ensure the smooth and efficient movement of your orders throughout the process.

Full Service

• Service is built into the very fabric of our company. It is in the mindset of every team member, in every discipline.
• Whether you are looking for one or all of our comprehensive services, delivery in stages or all at once, your needs are at the center of our attention.
• We deliver to your exact specifications, on your exacting time-lines.
• We do it all, for the best possible price.

Quality Products

• Quality is the hallmark of Grainville.
• Our rice undergo regular, third-party audits for food safety and quality.
• All of our facilities are accountable to our own higher standards of excellence, set and monitored by our Quality Assurance specialists.
• Above all, we aim to exceed your expectations and standards when it comes to the quality that goes into your products.

Forward Thinking

• Markets are changing faster than ever. Grainville recognizes change at every turn and anticipates future trends.
• When it comes to rice, we may have seen it all and done it all for customers of all sizes, yet we passionately seek to do more in better ways, for you.

Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is one of professionalism, cooperation, and support.
• At Grainville, we work together as a team of professionals, with a clear focus on providing superior products to our customers at the lowest possible prices.
• The same kind of attention that we give to our customers and products is also afforded to our most important resource: the people of Grainville.
• Every member of the Grainville family plays an integral role in our success. We believe in developing our team professionally, and providing them with a supportive work environment where growth is encouraged, new ideas are fostered, and every person is recognized for their contributions.